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New particule system, huge amount:

Nice examples:

IMU to Quaternion to GameObject

From IMU to Quaternion

From Quaternion to GameObject:

Or only Accel + Mag to Quat


We make science (transform le science en plus spécifique):

  • We make signal processing X
  • We process signals
  • We develop ERP
  • We teach machines to learn
  • We engineer IT

Meeting with Horst Wenninger

Following our visit to the CERN archives where we discovered so many great pictures of Bubble Chambers in the 70s. Julian organized a meeting with physicist Horst Wenninger who started working on Bubble Chambers Experiments at CERN back in the 60s, such as BEBC.
He brought us a lot of documents and pictures to help us understand how those experiments where led, talked to us about experiment BEBC. It was a time where computers were as big as a room and magnets where way much bigger than what we saw at the large magnet facility, but what they could capture with cameras and what was happening inside the bubble chamber was more simpler to understand. A picture of real particles tracks, not abstract data made visual by a computer.

It was fascinating to hear so much stories about CERN, and the birth of the world wide web.